As you are walking around the school this year you will being seeing funny looking pictures posted around the building that look like this:

external image qurified.php?gi=efc23b1ada7d26481873b51c907bfc38

They are called QR codes. Watch this video to learn how QR Codes work:

To read QR Codes, you need a barcode scanner on your cellphone, iPad or other mobile device. Many of these readers are free and I would recommend:

external image thumbnail.aspx?q=4620298869473908&id=753c7f3afc603c32751e24c7f6b3f26d
external image scan_icon.png
"Scan" for the iPhone or other iOS device.
external image thumbnail.aspx?q=5025529010193117&id=f199baa358d73f594051b36ebf35f965
external image Barcode-Scanner.png

"Barcode Scanner" for your Android device.

If you see any of these around the school take out your device and see what it says!