Welcome to the Technology Lab Wiki Parent Page!

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Your child uses this website each week to access activities we are working on in the computer lab. Lab activities are often aligned with topics being covered in the regular classroom.This integration between technology and core subjects (math, science, reading, writing and social studies) is important for 21st Century learners. You can look at your child's grade level page (accessed by clicking their button on the home page) or check out the keyboarding, science, and technology pages which have information for all grade levels (accessed by clicking a link in the navigation bar).
Every effort has been made to keep these links age appropriate. Please monitor your child's internet usage at all times. If you come across a link that you feel is inappropriate for elementary school children, please contact me and I will investigate.

Below are some links you might find useful about technology and about our school. If you find something beneficial for other parents, please share it with me so I can pass it along.

Guide to Educational Apps, Games and More!
NetSnartz Tip Sheets
General Parent Information
Elementary Information and Technology Standards (Technology Lab and Media Center Curriculum)
Information About AR
Learning Strategies Toolbox
Test Taking Strategies
I Love Charlotte!