Links for Fourth Graders

Interactives: Rock Cycle
Interactives: Rock Collection

Electricity Games
Electric box

Discovery Ed: Human Body
Discovery Ed: Nutrition
Discovery Ed: Digestive System
Discovery Ed: Skeletal System

Literacy Review Activities:
Discovery Ed: Common Idioms
Discovery Ed: Figures of Speech

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Social Studies:
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Computer skills for fourth graders:
  • how to log on/off the network
  • how to use the mouse and special keys on the keyboard
  • identify different parts of the computer
  • learn about how technology is used in their community
  • word processing skills
  • issues related to safe, ethical and responsible use of information and technology resources
  • recognize internet resources as reliable/not reliable and appropriate/inappropriate for specific purposes
  • copyright, plagiarizing and netiquette when using internet resources
  • use the computer to reinforce reading, math, science, and social studies skills
  • will use technology to gather, organize and present data and information
  • uses for basic multimedia tools (graphics, sound, text, and online collaboration tools)
  • uses for computer drawing tools
  • Students will understand internet safety precautions (personal information, passwords, etc.)