Teaching Digital Citizenship
Technology Leaders Meeting - April 23, 2013
Thank for coming to my presentation on Digital Citizenship! Click here for my Prezi on Be sure to look at the "Technology" link for more sites about digital citizenship.

DE Lunch and Learn for Special Area Teachers
Special Area Luncheon at Mountain Island ES - March 21, 2013

Yea, I have a wiki... Now What?
2012 CMS Instructional Technology Conference - August 2012
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Resources for Teachers

200 Free Kids Educational Resources: Video Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites & More
Richard Bryne's Free Tech 4 Teachers
Integrating Technology Aligned To Common Core Standards
Instructify Classroom Ideas and Resources
LearnNC Lesson Plans, Activities & Resources
The Mini Page Archives
BYOT - 1:1 Essentials

Educational Videos

+K12 MIT Making Videos, Making A Difference
Watch Know Learn
Neo K-12 Videos & Games



Creation Sites

Domo Animate
Zimmer Twins
Little Bird Tales
Comic Master
Photo Peach
ReadWriteThink Student Interactives
Debate Graph This fantastic tool enables students to participate in exciting, illuminating collaborative debate or group brainstorming. Students can work together to build graphs and visual representations of complex topics and arguments, creating subject-maps and spider graphs to clearly show different contributors’ ideas and input. The graphs can then be saved for future reference or to be marked by a teacher or presented to other groups of students later on.
Show Document This great online collaborative tool enables students to have instant, shared web-meetings where documents can be shared and pored over together no matter where participants are, as long as they each have a computer and a web connection. The program offers a host of useful tools to make collaboration easier, quicker and more effective, including brainstorming with interactive whiteboards and image and video sharing.
Primary Wall Primary Wall is a web-based sticky note tool designed for schools that allows teachers and students to work together in real-time, adding sticky notes to a group ‘wall’ like a pin-board. Simple, fast and user-friendly, the site also hosts other great collaborative tools for students working together to create projects, with group writing and drawing tools also available. Great for creating class brainstorms or inviting students to create a collaborative mood-board with lots of different ideas or quotes. Resulting masterpieces can be saved and referred back to later! A fantastic, simple real-time document conferencing tool, allows students to collaborate on the same piece of work at the same time without becoming confused about whose contributions are whose. The tool allows multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously, but marks each contributor’s edit in a different color and instantly reflects any changes on every contributor’s computer screen, so the document updates for each user in real time. Brilliant for brainstorming, project planning or sharing group revision notes and text guides.

Coding for Kids

Using Kodable with Primary Aged Kids
Common Sense Media Coding and Programing Games Ratings
How to Raise the Next Zuckerberg: Coding Apps for Kids
Cracking the Tech Job Talent Crunch by Teaching Kids to Code

SMART Board Resources

Interact Cafe SMART Resources

Web Inquiry

Web Inquiry Projects