Hometown Project: Charlotte, NC
external image charlotte-north-carolina-skyline_1.jpg

You and your partner are going to work together to make a movie about our town. Please follow the steps below to complete this project.

Step 1: Get Your Maps & Photos.

Use the screen shot feature (press power & home at the same time) to get a MAP and a PHOTO of the following locations in our town:
My House (for each partner)
Our School (just one photo and map)
My Favorite Restaurant (for each partner)
My Favorite Place To Visit in Charlotte (for each partner)
If you have trouble finding a photo of the exact place, use the Google Image Search for a photo of something similar to the place (for example: a type of food the place serves, a photo of the place's logo, etc.).

Step 2: Make Photo Album

Click "Photos" and make a photo album (use your names as the title of the new album). Look at the photos on the Camera Roll and move the photos you took into your group's folder.As you add new photos & maps, move them to your folder. To add photos to the folder you already made go to the Photos app (with the picture of the sunflower) > Click Albums > Choose your album > Edit > Add Photos > choose the pictures you took from the Camera Roll you want to add to your album. Once you've added all the photos you took, click done.

Step 3: Add Pictures to iMovie

Choose iMovie on your iPad. Click the + then choose "New Project" to make a new movie. Click the "add media" button and choose the photos from your album. Be sure that the map and the photo are side by side in the film. You can click and drag the pictures to change the order they are in.
Change the title of your movie by clicking and holding the title on the main iMovie Page. Give it a title using yours & your partner's name.

Step 4: Add Sound to iMovie

Once all of your videos are placed in order click the microphone button. Prepare to talk about all the pictures and maps for your project. When you are ready, click record and wait for the count-down. Be sure you are talking straight into the microphone above the front camera. Don't cover it up with your fingers by accident.
When the countdown hits one, begin talking about each image in your movie. Click Stop as soon as you finish recording everything. Then choose retake if you messed up or accept if you think the recording is good.

Step 5: Final Touches

Adjust the photos by click the photo then moving it around in the viewer. Click Start and End to save the change. Then go back to the iMovie home page and click the arrow coming out of the box and choose Share Movie to "Camera Roll." Click Medium and let it export to the Camera Roll.

Optional Step 6: Upload to Gaggle

If you want to save your work to the computer, click the home button and find the gaggle link. Enter your user name @cms.gaggle.net and your password. Click the digital locker and choose your video from the Camera Roll. Give it a title and upload it. Once you've finished this log out of gaggle.